Savio changelog
Savio changelog

Sync Feature Request statuses with Shortcut issues




Do you use Shortcut?

Want your Savio Feature Request status to update as issues move through your Shortcut workflow?

With the new Shortcut integration you can:

  1. Link a Feature Request to a new or existing Shortcut issue, and then have the Feature Request's status automatically update as the Shortcut issue moves through your dev workflow

  2. See any related Shortcut issues and their status when viewing a Savio Feature Request

  3. Share a link to product feedback inside Shortcut so your devs can easily read and understand why customers want the feature the team is building.

The Shortcut integration is currently available on all plans.

You can:

  1. Watch a 2 minute video of the Shortcut integration in action here
  2. Enable the Shortcut integration in your Savio Vault here