Savio changelog
Savio changelog

Specify how important a feature is to a customer




Some features are must-haves and others aren't—and you need to know which is which.

We've just added an "Importance to Customer" field on feedback, so you can quickly see how important the feature requested is to the customer.

Using importance on feedback

This field is optional—you can enable it in feedback and feature request settings.

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 12.05.03 PM.png

Log feedback with levels of importance

When enabled, your customer-facing teams can select the level of importance to the customer as they're logging feedback.

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Filtering by importance

Then, you can easily find feedback and feature requests that customers think are the most important

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Customize levels of importance

You can also customize the levels of importance to suit your workflow

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Using importance in Savio

You can add importance to feedback on any Savio plan.

Already using Savio? You can enable the importance field here. Check out the full instructions for using this attribute here.