Savio changelog
Savio changelog

Salesforce Integration




You can do two awesome things with the new SFDC integration.

1. Prioritize features using SFDC contact and account data

When feedback is logged in Savio it's linked to contacts pulled in from SFDC. Which means you can use a contact's or account's SFDC data to prioritize your feature requests.

More concretely, you can do things like:

  1. See total MRR or Expansion revenue for a given Feature Request

  2. Slice and dice requests by MRR, Plan, or any other contact or account data you store in Salesforce

See how to prioritize with Salesforce data here (1 min video):

Prioritize Features using Salesforce data 2022-05-26 12-47-05.png

2. See Feature Requests directly inside SFDC

With the integration you can also see all the requests (and status) for a customer or account. Great before a QBR or renewal conversation!

Watch that in action here (1 min video):

See tracked feature requests inside Salesforce 2022-05-26 12-40-42.png

The Salesforce Integration is currently available on the Scaling plan.

You can:

  1. Learn more about prioritizing using SFDC customer data
  2. Learn more about seeing Feature Request info inside of Salesforce
  3. Turn on the Salesforce integration in your Savio Vault here