Close the loop with your customers

If you're keeping track when customers, prospects, and lost deals ask for specific features, you should really get credit with those people when you ship features they want.

This has always been possible in Savio, but now it's a lot more powerful. Here's why.

See Requests that need loop closing

First, when you look at your list of Feature Requests, you can click "Shipped" to see the features to notify your customers about:


Select people to contact

When you click into a feature, you can select the people to contact:


Write your email

Then, you can write your "Close the loop" email (or use a template that you've written):


Fits your workflow

You can BCC your CRM and make sure replies are routed to the right place (like your help desk):


Delight your customers

Close the loop and get replies like these (these are actual emails we've gotten when we've closed the loop):




It's not just about loop closing - you can also use this feature to email customers to clarify their problem and validate your solution.

You can read more about closing the loop here and try it out on Savio here.

If you need a Savio account, you can sign up for one here.