Savio changelog
Savio changelog

Add tags from the Chrome Extension




Tags help you keep your feedback organized.

Now your team can add them when you're submitting feedback through the Chrome extension.

How it works

First, download the Savio Chrome extension.

Then, click the Savio icon to open the extension and submit customer feedback to Savio from any web app on your Chrome Browser.

Feb 2023 Changelogs and Product Emails - Chrome extensio tags.jpeg

You'll see a new "Tags" field in the extension. Use this to add any relevant tags before submitting the feedback to Savio.

Feb 2023 Changelogs and Product Emails - CE tags 2.jpeg

Your feedback will be sent to Savio with tags attached.

Get started

This feature is available on every Savio plan. (Not yet on Savio? Sign up here to try it for free).

Want more details? Learn more about using the Chrome Extension here and using Tags here.