Savio changelog
Savio changelog

Faster Triage





Two improvements to make triage faster:

  1. You can assign feedback to a person without leaving the Triage screen
  2. You can edit the feedback inline without leaving the Triage screen

Inline editing from Feature Request List





You can now edit Status, Priority, and Effort inline on the Feature Request list.


Images in Feature Request descriptions show up on your Voting Board





Previously, if you had an image in your Feature Request's description and that feature was on your voting board, the image would NOT show up.

That's now fixed, so:

  • If you have a feature on your voting board
  • And the request's description contains an image
  • You'll now see that image on your voting board

Get app uninstall Feedback from Shopify





If you're a Shopify app developer, it's difficult to understand the reasons Merchants uninstalled your app.

Until today. We just launched a new Shopify integration that pulls the reasons why Merchants uninstalled your app into Savio.

And once in Savio it's easy to organize, prioritize, and fix those reasons. So you can improve your trial to paid conversion rate and make more money 🤑

The integration is available on all paid plans.

You can learn more about the Shopify integration or turn it on on your Integrations page.

Merging requests now merges votes from the same person





Before, if you merged two requests together that each had a vote from the same person, the new request would have two votes from one person.

Not ideal.

We fixed that so if you merge two requests together that each have a vote from the same person, the new request will have ONE vote from that person.

Filter Feature Requests by multiple tags





Want to find feature requests that have multiple tags? Now you can add as many tags as you want in the Filter Bar and Savio will find requests that have all the tags you entered.

For example, entering this in the Filter Bar would find requests that have BOTH the churn-survey and onboarding tags:

Feature Requests List | Savio 2021-04-30 13-10-17.png

HubSpot Integration






Is HubSpot your customer source of truth? As of today, you can import your HubSpot contacts, companies, and their properties into Savio.

Which means you can:

  1. Assign feedback to the right person and company
  2. Filter your requests by HubSpot properties like (for example) "show me all requests from lost deals with an opportunity size over $10,000"
  3. Have better situation awareness during QBRs by seeing requests from a contact or company right in HubSpot
  4. Track lost deal feedback by adding a the #product hashtag to lost deal reasons

The HubSpot integration is available on all paid plans. You can learn more about the HubSpot integration, or turn it on in your account here.

Track feedback from Zendesk






Want to track feedback that you get in Zendesk? We got you covered.

It works similarly to our Intercom and Help Scout integrations:

  1. You connect Zendesk to Savio
  2. Savio imports your customers, accounts, and properties (like MRR and Plan)
  3. You pick a Zendesk tag for Savio to "listen" for
  4. When that tag's applied to a Zendesk conversation, Savio will pull the conversation into your Feedback Inbox for Triage

The Zendesk integration is available on all paid plans. You can learn more about the Zendesk integration or turn it on in your account here.

Filter feature requests by public/private





You can now filter your feature request list by whether they are public or private.

Smart defaults for Feedback From





Filling in "Feedback From" is now a little less annoying. We'll remember the Feedback From value you set for a person previously and default Feedback From to that value if it wasn't already set.

Similarly if the person is linked to a company and you've set Feedback From for a different person at the same company we'll default Feedback From correctly in that case too.