Improved Feature Request List Export

The Feature Request List export now includes two csv files. One that includes all of the Feedback for each Feature Request that is suitable for use in pivot tables and a second simpler attachment that just includes a single row for each Feature Request with its respective totals.

Merge tags

You can now merge tags in a similar way to how you can merge feature requests. Edit the tag you want to keep and then click the merge icon.


Feedback inbox gets pagination

For those of you who are a bit behind on your triaging the Feedback Inbox now supports pagination.

Improved performance of key pages

We've made some changes under the covers to improve performance for frequently used pages like All Feedback, the Feature Requests list and Feature Request details pages. These pages now load twice as fast.

Slack emoji issue

Fixed a rare issue where emojis would truncate feedback being shared from Slack (thanks again, Donovan!)

Slack Channel Fix

Fixed a small issue where customers with hundreds of Slack channels could sometimes not connect Savio to the channel they wanted (thanks for the heads up, Donovan!)

Filter bar dropdown sorting

Data driven dropdowns in the filter bar are now case insensitively sorted.

Filter Feature Requests by Feedback Tag

You can now filter the Feature Request list by tags on linked Feedback via the "Feedback Tag" field. E.g. show me all of the Feature Requests that have linked Feedback with the "UX Enhancement" tag applied.


If a customer's MRR is zero, it's now displayed correctly

Previously, customers who were paying $0 were displayed as MRR: Unknown".

That's fixed so it's now displayed as "MRR: $0.00":

Feature - Onboarding Improvements | Savio 2020-11-19 18-49-27.png

Filter requests by total feedback

Want to see feature requests with more (or less) than a certain # of feedback? We got you fam.

There's a new filter in the Feature Request List sidebar that you can use to slim down the list of requests you're working with:

Feature Requests List | Savio 2020-11-19 11-14-19.png

(Thanks to Kasia for the suggestion.)