Savio changelog
Savio changelog

Customize Feature Request List Columns





Want to decide what shows up on your Feature Request List? Good news - we got you covered.

Just go to Settings => Manage Feature Request List Columns.

From there, you can pick any Custom Attributes or other Feature Request fields and show (or hide) them.

Here's what it looks like in action:

screencast 2021-07-22 20-14-18.gif

Customizing Feature Request Columns is available on all paid plans.

Custom Attributes on People and Companies





Do you want to add and edit People or Companies attributes that can't be imported into Savio?

Now you can. Here's how:

Adding Manual Attributes

First, visit Settings => People and Company attributes.

Then click New Attribute:

Savio 2021-07-22 15-51-38.png

Fill in the relevant details (you can refer to our Knowledgebase article on Custom Attributes for more on each field).

Be sure to check "Show With User Info" so the attribute shows up in Savio.

Savio 2021-07-22 15-53-52.png

Your attribute will appear in your Attributes list. The Savio logo indicates it's a manual attribute:

Savio 2021-07-22 17-41-20.png

Editing Attribute Values

When you've checked "Show With User Info", the attribute will appear alongside a Person. It can be edited from there by clicking the pencil icon:

Triage Feedback | Savio 2021-07-22 17-43-49.png

When to use Manual Attributes

One scenario we've heard is manual attributes are useful for tracking approximate deal size for leads who never make it into the CRM because you're missing a must-have feature.

To track that your sales team would send in feedback via the Chrome Extension and include the estimated deal size (you can use Feedback Templates to prompt them to include the fields you care about:

Acme Corp Voting Board Feature Requests 2021-07-22 17-49-21.png

Then during Triage you'd add the lost deal revenue to the Person by clicking on the attribute:

Feature - Zapier Integration | Savio 2021-07-22 17-50-48.png

Then entering and saving the attribute info:

Edit Person | Savio 2021-07-22 17-52-56.png

Customize your Feature Request columns to show how much deal revenue you've lost out on because you were missing a feature request:

Feature Requests List | Savio 2021-07-22 17-56-58.png

Batch Move Feedback to a new Feature Request





Do you have Feature Requests that are large in scope?

We do.

And when we build part of the feature that helps SOME of the requesters, bit not all of them, it was a pain to move feedback from the old completed feature to the new one that you'd work on later.

For example, imagine you have a Feature Request called "Mobile App" that has 10 pieces of feedback - five asking for an iOS app and the others for an Android app.

When you build the iOS app you can close the feature request. But you'd probably want to move the five Android requests to a new feature request.

Yesterday, that was a pain in Savio. But today, it's easy.

Just watch:


Batch moving feedback is available on all paid plans.

Zendesk now returning all your tags





Fixed a bug where Zendesk was only returning the first 100 tags when you turned on the integration in Savio. Now Zendesk returns all the tags in your account.

Filter Feature Requests by multiple statuses





Previously, you could filter Features with only one status (for example, show me all Planned Feature Requests).

But we found that limiting, especially when planning.

So today, you can see Feature Requests with any status that you choose on one page. For example, you can now see Feature Requests that are either Under Consideration OR Planned

Related to that - we've changed the Planned canned filter on the Feature Request List to be called Up Next. It filters your list to show Feature Requests that are either Under Consideration or Planned:

Feature Requests List | Savio 2021-05-21 12-09-03.png

We think this model makes more sense for planning. When you're considering what to build next, one slice of your list is to look at Feature Requests that you've decided you're definitely going to build (Planned) along with ones that you may build (Under Consideration).

Notified Features aren't in Feature Request Dropdowns any more





Once we ship a feature and close the loop with them, we don't have much use for the feature any longer.

And we certainly aren't assigning more feedback to it.

So we've removed them from the Feature Request pickers on the Triage page and the Create/Edit Feedback pages.

In other words, this dropdown no longer includes Customer Notified feature requests:

screencast 2021-05-19 18-40-55.gif

Faster Triage





Two improvements to make triage faster:

  1. You can assign feedback to a person without leaving the Triage screen
  2. You can edit the feedback inline without leaving the Triage screen

Inline editing from Feature Request List





You can now edit Status, Priority, and Effort inline on the Feature Request list.


Images in Feature Request descriptions show up on your Voting Board





Previously, if you had an image in your Feature Request's description and that feature was on your voting board, the image would NOT show up.

That's now fixed, so:

  • If you have a feature on your voting board
  • And the request's description contains an image
  • You'll now see that image on your voting board

Get app uninstall Feedback from Shopify





If you're a Shopify app developer, it's difficult to understand the reasons Merchants uninstalled your app.

Until today. We just launched a new Shopify integration that pulls the reasons why Merchants uninstalled your app into Savio.

And once in Savio it's easy to organize, prioritize, and fix those reasons. So you can improve your trial to paid conversion rate and make more money 🤑

The integration is available on all paid plans.

You can learn more about the Shopify integration or turn it on on your Integrations page.